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Litter4tokens was created as a community based campaign in 2015. Our aim is to take the campaign nationwide and then throughout Africa.

Community | Litter4Tokens

It encourages community members to collect recyclable material and help feed and clothe their families as well as saving the environment at the same time.

The way it works is very simple, for every bag of recyclable material that is collected, the community member receives a token. This token can then be used at the token shop to purchase dry goods or clothing.

The collected recyclable material is then picked up by a local waste management company. The money from the litter collected is paid to Litter4tokens and used to pay volunteers, purchase more dry goods for the token shop, marketing or bags.

Since the campaigns inception in Shakashead in 2015, Litter4tokens has been spread to other areas in KwaZulu Natal and into Mpumalunga.

Token Shops

Each token shop relies on food and clothing donations. Dry food goods such as porridge, mielie meal, rice are a huge draw as they can feed their families. We constantly need more for our token shops so please donate!