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Mermaid Tear Catcher™

Mermaid Tear Catcher | Litter4Tokens

Nurdle free beaches using the Mermaid Tear Catcher™ in partnership with the World Nurdle Association.

We call these Nurdles “mermaid tears” because sea life is gravely affected by these plastic pollutants, hence the tears.

Litter4Tokens has created a proprietary, award winning Mermaid Tear Catcher (MTC). This disk sifts plastic from sand and acts as a Frisbee, making it both educational and fun! The MTC is award winning technology:

  • STOMP 2019 Award from the Commonwealth Litter Programme (CLiP)
  • Stem the Tide of Plastic Waste Technology 2019 Award – UK Government Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (Cefas), Common Wealth Blue Charter, and Commonwealth Litter Programme

In association with the World Nurdle Association, Litter4Tokens introduced the Mermaid Tear Catcher™ at the 2019 Ballito Pro. The Mermaid Tear Catcher™ has also been launched in the USA and UK .

The Mermaid Tear Catchers™ are also be used for the Google and Facebook beach clean ups in the United states in San Francisco for

Nurdles - what are they?

Plastic resin pellets are classified as primary source microplastics, meaning that they were intentionally produced at the size ranging from 1–5 mm in diameter. Approximately 27 million tonnes of nurdles are manufactured annually in the United States. One kilogram of pelletized HDPE contains approximately 50,000 nurdles (approximately 20 mg per nurdle). They are typically under 5mm in diameter.

Mermaid Tear Catcher | Litter4Tokens

Record your 'Mermaid Tears' Nurdle Collection!

This data will help contribute to the global picture of nurdle pollution as part of ‘The Great Global Nurdle Hunt’.

We collate the data with Fidra’s ‘The Great Nurdle Hunt’ – an international citizen science survey aimed at providing a global evidence base of plastic pellet, or ‘nurdle’, pollution; mapping out the presence of pellet pollution using volunteer submissions of nurdle finds. To find out more visit

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    What to do with your nurdles?


    We ask for all nurdles to be put in a sealed container and posted to Spilltech –

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    Durban, 4001
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